Friday, 4 December 2015

Welcome to My Blog


I wanted to start this blog because I am going to Germany at Christmas and would like to tell everyone about the Christmas Markets and the trips that my friends are taking me on, around this country's beautiful scenery.

I also want to share the trials and tribulations of my learning of a difficult language, the only saviour being, it is a phonetic language - of course I am talking about German here.

I have been passionate about photography as long as I can remember and have recently taken to heart my Dad's words about revisiting my art. I have just finished my first course on Pen & Wash and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, albeit frustrating. I am not ready to share any of my art as yet, but watch  this space!!

It is time to release the passion I have for all art and go with my dreams, it will be constant learning process for the rest of my life which I intend to relish immensely.

Sign post in the Austrian Alps

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